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Solutions for the disposal of hospital and airport solid waste Our mission is to design and build sterilization systems for the treatment of waste with a proven risk of infection, capable of guaranteeing high productivity rates, strong economic sustainability, ease of use and low maintenance costs . 



We contract assistance services of 48 months each, always renewing our availability towards our customers.

The assistance contracts allow today to optimize the downtime phases for the replacement of parts, limiting as much as possible any possible inconvenience, but above all the phases can be done in concert with the needs of our customers.

We have different maintenance packages, which allow us to satisfy every budget; need of the customer, never exposing him to indefinite downtime.

Neutel trains its customers for a greater dissemination of know-how and to conduct work with greater safety and awareness.

We issue personnel training certificates for the technologies we offer.

We train staff in the use of our systems, without ever abandoning the technical support contact.

We test our systems after delivery and make sure, in the start-up period, that all management and control procedures have been correctly implemented.


Neutel has certifications for integrated quality management in the company.

We have both system and product certificates. Below are the main ones:

UNI EN ISO 9001 quality system certificate, Nr 50 100 12400


Environmental management system certificate UNI EN ISO 14001, Nr 50 100 12465


Quality Assurance Notification for Manufacturing Ex Devices, IT 14 ATEX 058 Q

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