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Sterilization system for infectious risk waste.

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Areas of application:

  • hospitals

  • airports

  • International ports

  • mobile applications

  • naval applications

  • rapid intervention unit


  • No blade shredding. An exclusive of the new generation able to withstand even very hard materials without failing;

  • Instant heating system with advanced technology;

  • Vacuum plant designed not to release the air extracted before the cycle into the atmosphere;

  • Sealing system with rapid measurement to verify the absence of leaks;

  • Double cartridge mechanical seals specially designed to be used with special closed circuit high pressure liquid mixtures;

  • Filtration system with unpleasant odors reduction system - GRAPHENE FILTER;

  • High disinfection system integrated to secure the system at the end of the work, during maintenance and during transport;

The S90 sterilizer is custom built to reduce critical components that can cause frequent failures, high biological risk, difficult maintenance and excessive weight.

S90 adopts an array of sophisticated technology solutions:




If plastic bags are used, production increases considerably


Load group​

  • Loading system​

  • Crusher

Sterilization group

  • Treatment chamber

  • Instrumentation

  • Vacuum group

Unloading group

  • Discharge of sterilized waste

  • Unloading screw

Control group

  • Electrical cabinet

  • Control system

  • Central hydraulic panel

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coclea scarico.png
quadro elettrico.png

Accessory systems

  • Thermal group

  • Compressed air generator

  • Hydraulic generator

  • Steam-water exchange system

  • Filtration group

  • Sanitation system

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Mobile, modular and multipurpose system.




Designed for:

  • civil protection

  • military uses

  • field hospitals

  • emergencies in high areas

risk of infection

and in all those situations where rapid and effective intervention is required to contain biological risks.

Sanificazione delle superfici e degli ambienti.png

Sanitizing of surfaces and environments

The 3Munit platform was born as a mobile plant with the aim of providing a multi-role system designed to carry out various operations and missions through the use of modules installed inside a 40" or two 20" containers.

Multi-role mobile unit
The full version of 3Munit it is composed of several modules capable of performing the following functions:

sterilizzazione rifiuti rischio infettivo.png

Sterilization of infectious waste

Production of disinfectants

produzione disinfettanti.png
produzione disinfettanti.png

Drinking water

acqua potabile.png

One of the most interesting aspects is the total absence of chemicals of any kind. The solutions for disinfecting, sanitizing and drinking are produced directly by the internal systems. Only three substances available anywhere in the world are needed to work:

1. NaCl salt
2. Water
3. Diesel fuel

For the disinfectant, drinking water and sanitizing production sections, groups of latest generation rechargeable batteries (Lifepo4) and the inverter necessary for the conversion from 48 V DC to 220 V AC have been added. Batteries are used to run low-power systems without turning on the power generator

The advantage of the 3M platformunit is the possibility of intervene quickly, operate effectively also in extreme conditions, be of valid support even on those occasions when they occur sudden and unexpected situations.

Once the mission is over, the 3M unitunit it can be transported to the starting point, where routine maintenance is carried out, ready to intervene again.

In economic and operational terms, this possibility of quickly moving similar structures to any part of the world and subsequently recovering them, allows reduce intervention times to a minimum and to satisfy needs that are difficult to achieve with traditional systems both for the times of their effectiveness.
Transport of these units can be carried out on roads, rough terrain, ships, airplanes and transport helicopters.



S90 and 3Munit- STRENGTHS


STEAM - Steam is the most valid means of sterilization with the best cost / benefit compromise.

PRODUCTIVITY - The high level of automation in our systems and the adoption of specific mechanical parts, allow to manage large quantities of waste with the lowest energy consumption per kilogram of treated waste.

REDUNDANCY All industrial models are redundant, i.e. able to operate at at least 50% of their capacity, thus optimizing the work cycles to manage any technical stoppage.

AUTOMATION - The only manual phase is the loading of the containers at the loading mouth.

The other functions are automated and managed by IT systems.


The operator only manages closed containers on the conveyor belt and from that moment on there will be no further contact with potentially infected materials.

ACCESSIBILITY -  we adopt remote access and control systems. Both system control, update firmware and service can take place according to this principle.

SIMPLICITY - the whole plant is controlled by an industrial PLC, but the operator will find all the management options typical of a Windows ™ interface.

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